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Banquet hall

Unusual and stylish design of ” M-hotel” banquet hall is ready to compete with interiors of real castles!

Ресторан Минск М Отельзал нашего кафеDecor of the hall is stylized like an old English street with original designer’s solution. There are a lot of elements made of stone, dark wood, hammering and luxurious textile, which makes the restaurant ceremonial and magnificent.

The amount of seats is under 60.

Pastel color palette makes warm and cozy atmosphere, but the charisma is made by the main cherry on the cake of the interior — decorations of English houses, which look as if they had came out of the Luisa Rainer’s paintings. Just imagine, you enjoy your perfect dinner in an open terrace in a wildness summer weather, and someone’s windows are starting to light up, as if the houses are real and there zips the same life.

Chamber lightning of lanterns bring romantic notes to the evening, and only “Big Ben” counts the time, you want to go under this bottomless space and touch the stars. That is how real everything seems.

The tables in the “M-hotel” banquet hall are placed in European style. we have enough place for dancing and providing competitions. We also have a sofa zone, where guests can cloister and talk in coterie. You can look through photos of the café following the exile. PHOTO

European cuisine is presented in the menu of the “M-hotel” banquet hall. Apart well-known favorite dishes, we suggest you to taste such appetizing food as: salad with smoked duck, roll made from zucchini with cheese, crostini with smoked salmon, filleted salmon with spinach and cheese feta in dough, pork medallions with potato pancakes under mushroom sauce and many other dishes. MENU Besides of that, the bar works in the banquet hall. But smoking in our “street” is forbidden.

Each holiday in “M-hotel” banquet hall will be a bright and unforgettable event with photos and pleasant memories. Here you can not only celebrate a jubilee, birthday, wedding and stuff party, but also organize a conference, official dinner with partners, presentation, official buffet and much more. Further still, “M-hotel banquet hall may be a perfect place for graduate and thematic evening and, of course, elegant ball!